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Ineractive Cello

Artist Statement
As a computer science researcher, creative expression is the core of my work. My art builds from that, combining electronics, code, paint, music, and whatever else piques my curiosity. My scientific research focuses on computation based on music and other natural systems. The symbiosis between this, making music and painting invigorates all three. Being able to share the results of this fusion is a great source of happiness for me.

This piece exhibits all of these elements. Inside the cello are two microprocessors. One listens through a microphone, analyzes incoming sounds, detects frequencies, and translates those into musical notes. This information is sent to the second processor, which controls the lights. The 12 lights on the fingerboard indicate the dominant note, from B♭ (at the top) to G♯ (at the bottom). When an A is detected, all 12 lights turn on. The other LEDs cycle through different pre-defined patterns.

Working on this piece has provided an opportunity to work with others artists, to share in the fun of invention and expression, and to play with lots of glitter! I am honored to have the chance to work with the amazing people at Kennedy Violins. I hope you enjoy this piece!