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Clothing Design

I've been sewing most of my adult life. I like running fabric through a machine, seeing what comes out, tweaking it, continuing this until I get something I like. Working with a pattern is nice, but it feels very different to me. I've always enjoyed using different matrerials, and combining things to create something new. After being away from sewing for years, I bought a new machine in 2018, and rediscovered my passion for designing and making clothes.

Current/Recent Projects

Some projects I've been working on recently (click through on the titles!)

All the News that Fits

Bottoms made from wire-frame, saran wrap, duct tape, glue and shredded newspaper. Recyclable fake fur!


Made from clear tubing filled with colored water, zip ties and 3-D printed stoppers/connectors. To me it's a cyborg look with a bit of a tribal feel.

Post-Industrial Rubber Tunic

Made from industrial sheet rubber, jack chain and zip ties. A post-apocolyptic fashion statement made from the remnants of a lost industrial age...

Mesh/Chain Top

This was the original project I had in mind in 2018 when I bought my new sewing machine. It's a cold-shoulder blouse from a sale rack, augmented with heavy chain. The mesh was added later. I wanted the mesh to look a bit organic, which was good since this was pre-sewing form!

Biohazard Jacket

I found a nice Eileen Fisher jacket in a thrift store, and went crazy adding zippers and rivets. Next came some openings with weird 3-D printed pieces inserted. I downloaded someone's biohazard design (made for a PC fan) and added that to the sleeve. A My Little Pony zipper pull topped it off.


This was a fantastic experience for me! SH/FT took place on 3 October 2019, at The Leftbank Annex